Our Vision

We are passionate about innovations. This passion is our driving force. our team is always oriented towards efficiency and quality which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. we believe in delivering standard quality products to our customers.

Despite of hard work we always try to do smart work. The unique thing about us is that we work by code and that is “HONESTY” towards our work. We work on every trivial things because small things make a big difference.

Our Inception

In very first place every thing started with a “THOUGHT”, then after doing some research we started working on it. By slowly and steady process and lots of analysis we conclude that we can give it a shot.  There is plenty of opportunity in every field the only thing which matters is the perception of individual.

Meet the Team

Team work is our policy and customer satisfaction is our goal.

Surya Pratap Singh

Co-Founder & Director

Mechanical Engineer (HONS.) with more than 4 years of industrial experience.

Agam Patel

Co-Founder & Director

Electronics and Communication Engineer

Amit Singh

Co-Founder & Director

Mechanical Engineer with more than 10 years of industrial experience.