Industrial Automation

AUTOMATION is an indispensable thing. Today, the focus of automation has shifted to increase the quality and flexibility in manufacturing process.

We are capable of following things:-

  1. To design different automatic control systems to ease the manufacturing process.
  2. Converting any kind of manual machine into automated machine
  3. Dealing with all kinf of PLCs and HMIs.

We are having state-of-art in making different types of Transporters used in polishing plant, P.T lines, coating plants etc.

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Industrial Fabrication

INDUSTRIAL FABRICATION is a customize fabrication of stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, abrasion resistant and alloy materials.

We fabricate industrial structures, Plant erection and dismantling, Plant maintenance, Trolley, pallet, aluminium profile work, pipe lines and riser etc.

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We are having good in hand experience in making different kinds of conveyor systems like PU belt Conveyor, Mesh chain belt Conveyor, Roller conveyor, Inclined Conveyor, Assembly line Conveyor, Mono Rail Conveyor, Overhead Conveyor, Conductive Conveyor, Slat Conveyor.

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We can provide you Dry type and Wet type Paint booth, Pressurized clean rooms, Air Seal etc.

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We provide different COATING PLANTS for various types of applications.

  1. Liquid Coating Plant.
  2. Powder Coating Plant.
  3. Adhesive Coating Plant.

Various Method are :-

Dipping Method

Spray Washer


Powder Applications

Infrared-curing oven

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Our company believes in research and thought process which ultimately reach to invention.

Our main motive is to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering highly efficient products.

We constantly upgrade ourselves to enlarge operations and compete the challenges which are given.

Though we are new but we follow one must rule for innovation That is "THINK PRECISELY" and we strongly believe that it is our best strategy.

We are self motivated and highly dedicated team persons always eager to accomplish our goals.

Industrial robotic arms with empty conveyor belt 3D rendering